Motion isolation properties of the bed

CaseyTafuri 15 Oct , 2020 0 Comments best furniture

The motion isolation or the motion isolating properties of this bed rather than you know they are pretty good. I think a lot of people kind of dig for purple and they say well, you know it’s going to hyper elastic polymer. So, you know that will transfer motion a lot more than with a memory foam. It might but in our experience rolling around on this particular bed but it doesn’t really transfer the motion too much. So, I think it limits the motion a lot more efficiently than a lot of people give it, you know credit for it. So, that’s really it for the people that I think will like this bed. In terms of who won’t like it, it’s kind of the inverse of almost everything else I said, so you may not like it and if you want something more traditional like memory foam and poly foam you are probably not going to get a real mattress. My wife as an example that she prefers a big pillow top mattress with a pillow. We feel to it right and She lays on purple. She might say yeah, it’s comfortable but I just don’t like the feel of it. So, there’s a decent chance that like 50% of people lay on it and they just say yeah, it’s comfortable but it’s too unique for me, learn more.

So, that’s definitely wouldn’t call it a downside but it’s a double-edged sword, right?

 It’s unique mattress and some people may not like it. Now on top of that did I mention that heavier individuals won’t like this bed. You’re probably like it but you should get a bed with coils. Another thing is that I mentioned it’s really good at regulating temperature and I could see some people out there saying like I kind of want my mattress to warm up. My wife is another example as she often times wear a long sleeve shirt because she gets so cold at night. Also remember back to when I said it’s a really responsive bed. Some people might not like that as well. So, it might Maybe the feel of the bed just like the actual material itself. It might be that it’s just so responsive that some people kind of like sinking into their bed and feeling like they have like a little cocoon that wraps them. This one’s kind of soft and firm of the same time and gets some of those properties because of the fact that it’s so responsive. So that’s really it for the purple mattress.

Written By CaseyTafuri