Hotel mattresses

CaseyTafuri 15 Oct , 2020 0 Comments best furniture

A good hotel mattress has one thing in common: comfort, for example, the Doubletree Inn, The Peninsula, and The Hilton. Each hotel has its own way of thinking about what it means to sleep, but they know that a good night’s sleep is of priceless importance when you fly. When it comes to hotel full memory foam mattress, a five-star hotel will always step it up to another level, so tourists realize that’s exactly what they want (and note when buying the next time for a hotel). They strive to make a five-star experience from top-to-bottom. In luxury mattresses, they don’t skimp because they know their customers want the best. So, what are the best hotels in the world using luxury mattresses? We wanted to know, so we had a deep dive and we discovered which hotel mattresses large hotels use to satiate their fatigued visitors. This is what we have found (and how you, too, can handle one).

Hilton hotel

The Hilton is very well known as a luxurious bed that now it does have its own website and brand. Hilton purchase every  Serenity Bed form us for every VIP guest and sleepers to have the best sleep.  The inclusion of the reinforcement of the spirit and internal design avoids the breakup of the mattress, which is a significant feature for the nightly use by different guests.


Still owned by Hilton, DoubleTree has a new signature bed built particularly for its hotels. DoubleTree has another bed.  The DoubleTree purchases the most comfortable mattress from us named “Sweet Dreams Bed,” which has a moveable base to keep clients from having to worry about gliding around during the night, as well as a superior quality bedding. Doubletree has also chosen to avoid the mattress flame, a crucial consideration for the sometimes forgotten or uncomfortable guest in the hotel.

Fairmont hotel

In the hotel world, Fairmont is a classic name but very new to the mattress game of the hotel. In 2016 they chose to get a 5-star mattress from our company with a perspective heart, memory foam, cooling technology, and a plush pillow top for their regular beds. This is not the only way at Fairmont to incorporate the Fairmont Gold Bed in hotel mattresses for its spacious suites. The above-mentioned facilities, plus an indoor spring mattress and a pill top are included in this hotel mattress. Relax in style and comfort with hotel foams mixing old-world elegance and cutting-edge bed technology, Fairmont is now the place to rest.

Written By CaseyTafuri